The artist 'YoungPark' grew up with painting since childhood.
She likes to draw, so her childhood books were full of sketchy scribbles.
However, her major was to study the humanities and social sciences, which she was interested in rather than art.
In addition to her major, she continues to sketch characters and make them into works of interest through research and interest in humans.
Perhaps based on this, she worked for a long time as art director in the advertising department of the fashion business responsible for human clothing.
However, disillusioned with her trendy commercial art, she begins her 40s as an artist representing her own world.
Since she was a child, she has loved to draw, she says, but her choice has always been with people.

‘Because I’m a person, I thought it was the easiest way to express a person,
However, the more I make a work, the more difficult it becomes, I think, is the insight into people.
So I just started working with various interpretations as I felt them, but vaguely.
Even while working, various emotions melt into the work moment by moment in the flowing time.
So, perhaps, various emotions are felt through the work.
In fact, it is sometimes difficult to name one title for the work.
In conclusion
The person expressed, the small actions of that person, all the language used, all the backgrounds and situations captured,
I work under the big theme of interpreting or expressing such small moments as an observer's interpretation.'

Since the subject expressed in most of her works is through the characters, everything expressed in her works is her will and sensibility of choice.
At the moment when an unconscious situation is captured, she says, a range of unimaginable emotions are contained in gestures smaller than words.
‘I want my work to be like furniture.
work that serves as background music,
And works that make you think.’
As Eriksati's music is called 'furniture-like music', she said that she wants her work to become furniture-like music.
She wants all observers to communicate with herself or others through her work.

*Artist's Note

I choose improvisation by intuition as the subject of most of my work.
Based on the theory that unconscious gestures that we are unaware of in moments that we tend to overlook are a true part of our thoughts and expressions,
I try to capture that moment as if I was taking a picture, so that the observer moves all his emotions
through the person to the world of emotions of different moments.

I paint the captured moment with ambiguity through moderation and omission.
In order to have various imaginary interpretations in an ordinary place or a place we encounter on a daily basis, but with unknown ambiguity.

Everything is my own and your story.
The main character of the story is me while I am drawing the work, but the observer who sees my work after completing the work.
I try to compose the observer's story by allowing the observer to immerse themselves in the small details
such as the place, behavior, attire, expressed expression, and shadow in the work.